Town History

A Short History of Te Aroha

‘I came here in dread and fear
That I should meet my Maker
But through the healing power of No. 2
I have deceived the undertaker!’

From ‘A Postcard From Te Aroha’ by Kevin Wells

Pre-European History

Te Aroha is famous for having the  world’s only hot soda-water geyser and associated springs.  Prior to the European colonisation of the area, it was a place highly more

The Cadman Building History

The ‘Taking of the Waters’ & The Cadman Building History

With the  popularity of the spa culture in both England and Europe, both missionaries and settlers could see the potential of developing the unique hot more

Modern Day Revival

In 1903 the management of the Domain passed to the Department of Tourist and Health Resorts. With the appointment by government of New Zealand’s more

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