Pre-European History

Te Aroha is famous for having the world’s only hot soda-water geyser and associated springs.  Prior to the European colonisation of the area, it was a place highly valued by the local Maori, not only for the waters but for its spiritual significance, as they do today. They would soak in the hot waters to obtain relief from aches and pains as well as allowing the soothing waters to bring freedom of movement from battle-weary or injured limbs and muscles.

It was always considered a sacred place by Maori and is said to have been named  "Mamoe Kahumata Te Aroha, The Great Love of Kahumata Mamoe", by the son of a Bay of Islands chief, who being lost, climbed the heights and on reaching the top was able to look across to his homeland, that he saw way off in the distance.

Today it is known as the ‘Mountain of Love.’ Most appropriately so, as it was where young Maori lovers would come to have their unions blessed in one of the springs rising from the base of the sacred mountain called The Mirror of Kahu-mata-te-mamoe.

Maori also soaked in the waters for sheer enjoyment, of course, and soon introduced the European settlers  to the benefits of the healing hot water springs of Te Aroha.

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